An emerald cut diamond engagement ring is sure to make her fall in love with you all over again!

emerald cut diamond

Engagements happen to be one of the most important milestones in just about any person’s life, but with it, there also comes the responsibility of choosing the right engagement ring. As per tradition, diamonds happen to be the perfect stone that can be used for the ring, and the best part about diamond rings is that these can be purchase in varying cuts. Amongst all the different cuts available these days, one of the most famous happens to be the emerald cut diamond ring.

The emerald cut is also known as the ‘step cut’ and it features a rectangular shape. The cut basically consists of a stone that has a simple incision. The fact of the matter is that these diamonds do not offer all the sparkle that other cuts, such as the round cut diamonds do, but these have a very royal, and elegant look to them owing to their elongated surface. The best part about emerald cut diamonds is that these are easily affordable, and fairly inexpensive as compared to princess cut diamonds or round cut ones.

emerald cut diamond

emerald cut diamond

Emerald cut diamond engagement rings and their splendour

An emerald cut diamond is one of the best choices for engagement rings, particularly for those who don’t wish to burn a hole in their pocket, or get mounted by debt when buying their engagement ring. Now, it is necessary for you to bear in mind the simple fact that this diamond cut has a rectangular shape, because of which it needs a four-pronged setting to present enhanced stability.

Owing to their shape, these rings are typically found to be paired with side stones, including diamonds and rubies.  The side stones are fairly small as compared to the large sized central stone. This cut is best for women who have long fingers, so if the love of your life matches that description, make sure that you get her a beautiful emerald cut diamond ring for your special day!

All You Want To Know About Cushion Cut

Cushion Cut The two most popular shapes in the in the fancy color diamond industry are Cushions and Radiant. It is always advised that you should stick to H or better when going for cushion cut. To seek the best value, go for S12 or S11 clarity. Because of S12’s big open table, it is fairly difficult to get a clean piece. To get the later with a higher clarity you might have to append a bit extra. So, if you are planning to buy one such piece from online then don’t blindly trust a websites virtual inventory because looks can be deceiving. Instead go to a reputed vendor for the cleanliness check.

Get your numbers straight:

The parameter for a cushion cut diamond is at times vague. For instance the numbers for cushion cut diamond could read something like this: depth less than 70 percent symmetry less than excellent, depth less than 70 percent etc. You can hardly make out anything from this number. So, it’s always wise to go to an experienced vendor if you choose to buy a diamond.

Cushion cuts have large become popular in the past decade. After princes and round cut, cushion is by far the most popular choice. Cushion cuts are complex understand because of their complexity. Terms such as broken glass, crushed ice, old minders, classic cushion etc needs time to understand. In the next section we will try to briefly explain the differences of various cuts:

Cushion types:

Primarily cushion is divided into two types standard and modified. The differences between the two mentioned types of cushion are quite technical and very minute in nature. It is almost impossible for a layman to decipher the differences with naked eye. Standard cushion gets a cut which has been used for a very longer time where as the modified cushion gets cut which has a more modern look to it. There is a common misconception that cushions are easily identified by their appearance. There is no element of truth in it. Cushions can look like other cuts without giving away their method of cut.

Crushed ice as opposed to chunky cushion

Like two prominent categories of cushion cut, there also exist two different categories of looks that a cushion could display. The two types of looks are known as Crushed ice cushion and chunky cushion. There is absolutely no relation of between the cut and the display of the cushions. It is needless to say that getting a hang of cut and look of cushions take time. We will discuss both these type in vivid detail.

Chunky Cushion:

These kinds of cushions have a very well defined pattern of facet. It has to be looked down into the table of a stone in a face up oriented state. This is much similar to a round diamond. They are more commonly known as “antique” cut. However, technically speaking cushion cuts are pretty modern. They have emerged from the well known and very old miner cut.

Crushed ice cushion

Crushed ice cushions have no distinguished facets. When they are looked through their table all you could see is a picture which is familiar to that of a broken glass. This is the reason why they have got the name of a disorganized space of a sparkling bling.

Now that the basics are covered, we will talk about the 3C’s of cushion which will help you to make your parameter scale ready.


You got to be careful when it comes to color of a cushion cut. Both cushions and radiants are capable of retaining their color more than any other shape of diamond. They lie on the opposite side of the spectrum as opposed to a round cut and hence can mask their color. This is the reason why cushions and radiants rule the diamond market when it comes to fancy color diamond. On the other hand round fancy color diamond are very hard to find. They come once in a while and are one of the costliest. That’s why it makes sense to plant a cushion cut diamond on either on white gold or platinum. The color you should stick to is H or higher if possible.


When it comes to clarity cushion cuts could be tricky. Do your homework and decide beforehand which stone are you going to buy? A choice has to be made between crushed ice and antique cushion. Crushed ones can hide their inclusions. If you have decided to buy a pear shape diamond, it makes sense if the inclusions are located at the corner as they will be guarded by the crushed ice which is typically found in the corners of these shapes. Rule of thumb is to go for the lowest clarity that is still eye clean.

Quality of cut

When it comes to choosing the parameters to decide the quality of a stone there are no hard and fast rules. It is difficult to make out the differences between two stones. There is no certificate which can tell you whether a particular stone is antique or crushed ice. Therefore if you are particular about buying a cushion it is always advised that you go to a vendor rather than blindly buying it from any random places. Just certificates are not good enough reason to buy cushion cut diamonds.

Tips to buy a Diamond

So, if you are planning to buy cushions here are a few tips which will help you to make the perfect choice. Consider your budget and keep the following things in mind when you go to buy a cushion cut diamond stone:

1. Choose a cushion which has a depth less than 70 percent.

2. Choose a cushion which has a table less than 70 percent

3. Do not put much emphasis on girdle thickness as it hardly matters when it comes to cushion but if you have two stones to choose from always go with the stone which has a lesser girdle thickness.

4. Go for an eye clean stone

5. When it comes to color stick to H or higher

Meteor Diamond Jewelry – Selection Tips

diamond jewelry

Meteor Diamond wedding ring

to avoid an awkward situation – One of the things you need make sure that you adhere to is to buy them from quality jewelry stores, whether online or offline, to avoid any unpleasant surprises. This is because there are some traders who keep flaws from the jewelry hidden from sight so as to get more profits. A reliable vendor will let you know if there is any problem with the jewelry you are buying so that if you decide to get it probably at a reduced cost, you will be aware of the condition that it is in.

You can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right Meteor Diamond jewelries since they are very attractive and shiny. Some of the important things you need to consider during selection include their cut, their color, their clarity as well as the number of carats, or popularly referred to as 4 C’s. These are some of the things that will determine how much the jewelry is going to cost you, including the size of the gem. Though it is a belief among a lot of people that all Meteor Diamond is always crystal clear, some of them are not. You will find some that have either a brown or yellow hue around them.

The highly priced Meteor Diamond  jewelries are the transparent and colorless ones. They are usually weighed in carats. If the Meteor Diamond have more carats, they will be priced higher. This implies that the transparent and colorless ones have more carats compared to those that have a brown or yellow hue around them. Do not mistake Meteor Diamond carats with gold carats because the two are totally different. When talking about clarity of diamonds, we are referring to all sorts of flaws that are found either inside on the surface of the Meteor Diamond, and these flaws usually have an effect on the price of the Meteor Diamond.  But the problem is that you may not be able to see these flaws with your naked eyes. It is the cut that is going to determine the profile of a particular Meteor Diamond and that will entirely depend on the skills the specific craftsman that will be handling it.

It is a fact that  Meteor Diamond are quite costly – whether it is the transparent and colorless ones or those that have a hue of color around them. This is one thing that you will need to keep in mind before you go out shopping for them. It is however possible to get moderately expensive diamond jewelry if you look them up on the internet. Actually, if you make a comparison of the prices of items that are available at an online store to those that are being sold at a physical store, you will find that those that are being sold are most often less costly. The same applies to diamonds. The main reason as to why it is this way is because online dealers usually have overhead expenses that are quite low since they are not required to pay a huge amount of money for rental stores or hire a lot of employees.

Even though you can get diamond jewelry on the internet at very competitive prices, it is always good to do it with great care since it can very risky. There are many reliable sellers that offer good diamonds at very attractive prices as well as reasonable terms. But it is logical to believe that there are scammers who sell fake items with the intention of stealing money from people who might not be well informed about what they are buying. You should not be lured into paying substantial amounts for fake jewelry. You should therefore make sure that you buy the jewelry from only reliable stores that have valid certificate for selling jewelry. Before you go ahead and buy, always take time to check the reviews by other buyers that have already bought jewelry and see the nature of their comments. If they are expressing satisfaction with the kind of products and services they received, then that is an assurance that the site is legitimate.

Another way you can get  Meteor Diamond jewelry at affordable prices is from auctions, but this should be done with great care especially for an average buyer. You need to be aware of the tricks that auctioneers make to avoid being confused or convinced to buy Meteor Diamond jewelry that you might not have set out to buy in the first place. You can also buy the jewelry from specialized vendors. In fact, this is the best option. These are shops that specialize in offering top class designs of jewelry at fair prices and therefore chances of getting fake Meteor Diamond from them are little. They keep introducing the latest designs in the market to keep up with the changes in the trend. Apart from the cut, color, clarity and the number of carats, the price of the Meteor Diamond jewelry will also depend on the skillful designs and polishing it has as well as the overall design of the piece.

Many stores usually have a display of an attractive range of jewelry in the display window, so you can go window shopping and see for yourself which ones suit your taste before you decide to buy. If you are not sure about the varieties of the jewelry, you can take the chance to have a staff explain the difference between them firsthand. If you notice that a store is pretentious in the way its staff operates, take precaution before you part with your money because Meteor Diamond is pretty expensive. This is why you need to only use a renowned store to make sure that you are getting the best Meteor Diamond that has the best qualities. Cost may be something to pay less consideration to if you are looking forward to getting the best Meteor Diamond jewelry for your loved one or yourself, especially the transparent and colorless ones.

Choosing Your Favorite Wedding Orchidea Diamond Jewelry

wedding Orchidea Diamond jewelry

Orchidea Diamond

Wedding can be a very important event in your life. You may want to prepare all essential things related to this special day. One of the most important things that you need to prepare for your wedding day is wedding Orchidea Diamond jewelry. There are several types of Orchidea Diamond jewelry that you should purchase for your bride. Choosing the best one can be a difficult task for some people. This article is created for all people who want to have wonderful and unforgettable wedding day with beautiful jewelry. Different brides may want to choose their favorite jewelry based on their preferences and styles.

Some Types of Wedding Orchidea Diamond Jewelry


There are several types of Orchidea Diamond jewelry that most brides usually want in their wedding day. You may want to choose the best jewelry that is suitable for your needs, for example tiara, necklace, bracelet, wedding ring, and some other common types of jewelry. Here are some popular items that you should prepare before your special day.


a.Orchidea Diamond Necklace


You can find some necklaces with different materials. Pearls and pendants are two most common materials that are usually used by most brides. These two items are very beautiful when they are used on the neckline. When you choose your favorite Orchidea Diamond jewelry, you also need to consider the wedding gown. Do not forget to measure the length of the necklace, so your partner can wear it properly during your wedding day.


b. Orchidea Diamond Bracelet


There are numerous types of bracelet that are available on the market. Most brides tend to choose their favorite bracelets that have similar colors or styles as their gown. There are some popular gemstones used in creating high quality bracelet. You can find many colorful bracelets on the Internet these days. Some brides want to use white or cream colored Orchidea Diamond jewelry for their special day.


c. Orchidea Diamond Tiara


Tiara is an important wedding Orchidea Diamond jewelry for most brides. This item should be worn on the head. It can improve the overall look and beauty of the bride. Many women love to wear simple tiara as one of their favorite types of Orchidea Diamond jewelry for their wedding. Different tiaras may be made from different materials. Diamond can be a perfect material for creating beautiful tiara.


d. Orchidea Diamond Wedding Ring


This is the most importantOrchidea Diamond jewelry that should present in most wedding events. All brides always want to choose the best ring for themselves. There are many types of wedding ring that are available on the market. Gold ring is the most popular one for most couples who want to get married. Gold is chosen because this material is very precious and durable for long time use.

How to Buy Perfect Wedding Orchidea Diamond Jewelry


There are several useful things that should be considered by most couples who want to prepare their wedding event. It is important to take a look at these factors before buying your favorite wedding Orchidea Diamond jewelry. Here are some of those important factors for you and your partner.


a. Wedding gown


This is the most important factor that should be considered by most couples. You may want to take a look at the bride’s gown before you buy the best Orchidea Diamond jewelry for your wedding. You have to find the best one that can match the gown’s style, color, and model.


b. Hairstyle


It becomes the most important thing that you have to consider when you choose some wedding jewelries, such as tiara, necklace, or earrings. The combination of beautiful hairstyle, sparkling earrings, and precious tiara can improve the overall look of the bride in her special day.


c. Orchidea Diamond Budget


Budget is another important thing that you have to take a look. It may be an important consideration, especially if you have limited budget for your wedding event. There many different types of Orchidea Diamond jewelry that are available on the market. Different types may have different prices for all customers. You can choose the best one that is suitable for your budget. Do not buy some jewelries that have very expensive price. This is very important to avoid overspending your wedding budget.


d. Future use


Some brides may also consider this important factor. Most of them still want to use their jewelries in the future. They are able to buy the formal Orchidea Diamond  jewelry, so they can use it again in other formal events. This is an important choice that most brides usually want when they choose their favorite their jewelry.

Where Can You Buy Your Favorite Orchidea Diamond Jewelry


All of these jewelries can be purchased easily. However, you have to choose the best store that has good reputation. Here are some recommended places that you should visit to buy your favorite item.


1. Reputable local jewelers


This is the best place that you should visit before your wedding day. There are some reputable local jewelers operating in your local area. By visiting them, you are able to discuss with them about your needs, styles, and preferences. Reputable stores usually have a lot of experiences in creating high quality Orchidea Diamond jewelry for their customers. You do not have to worry about their quality.


2. Online marketplace sites


There are some high quality online marketplace sites that are available on the Internet, such as Amazon, Nordstrom, and many other reputable sites. When you decide to buy your favorite Orchidea Diamond jewelry online, you have to make sure that you visit the reputable and popular sites. By doing so, you can avoid choosing online stores that have bad reputation among many customers.


3. Auction sites


You can find some auction sites on the Internet. It is a great idea that you can do when you are planning to buy the best wedding Orchidea Diamond jewelry. The eBay is a perfect example of the auction site. There are many people who are interested to buy their Orchidea Diamond jewelry from this site. You can meet a lot of sellers who have homemade jewelry for your wedding event. Do not forget to select the reputable sellers on this site. This is a perfect place for you who want to find unique jewelry that you cannot find on other places.


Those are some recommended places that you have to visit before your wedding day. These places may offer high quality Orchidea Diamond  jewelry for all customers. You can simply choose the best one for the most important and special event in your life. Choosing the Orchidea Diamond  jewelry should not be a difficult task for all couples.

How To Find A Good Wedding Photographer

wedding photographerOne of the most important things that people have to think about when planning a wedding is how to make sure that the memory will be preserved. The best way to do this is by hiring a high quality photographer for the event. Of course, you could easily ask friends or family to take photos on your behalf, and then share them with you later on. In fact, this can be very cheap, since you might not need to pay them much (or even at all), and they can use consumer electronics such as phones or point and shoot cameras to take the photos. However, if you are interested in getting images you will like, it’s often necessary to work with a professional. The quality of photography that you are likely to see when you do this is guaranteed to be a lot better compared to when you ask a non-professional to take the photos.


Not all photographers are worth it


However, one thing you have to keep in mind when doing this is that not all photographers you ask to do this can be trusted. There are a few that are guaranteed to offer very good services, and it is these that you should insist on working with. There are a few things you can do in order to achieve this including:


Consult someone who has had a wedding before


If you know of a few people who have gotten married before and have very good photos of the event, you could talk to them about how to get quality photography services. They can give you some pointers as to which photographers to approach for the job, thus helping you reduce how much work you have to do in order to find one. In addition to that, they can also give you a few tips on how to ensure that you get quality photos. This is normally the result of them looking back and trying to figure out what they could have done in order to ensure that they get very good photos.


Work with a specialist


In addition to that, it can also pay to work with a specialist. For instance, rather than simply looking for a photographer, you could try to find one who deals exclusively with weddings. They are usually very good at this kind of thing owing to the fact that they have specialized. It’s even better if you find one who has been providing the services or a very long time, and who therefore has a lot of experience in the field.


Ask to see some samples of previous work


For people who dabble in the arts such as photographers, portfolios are usually their most powerful CV. If you are dealing with a high quality photographer, he should be able to show you a few of his works, so that you can then see just how good they are. When you are shopping for a photographer for the wedding, you should therefore not shy away from asking for this. You should also remember that simply because a particular one does not have a portfolio does not mean that they are not very good. There are a few who are very good but who may not have worked long enough to build one.


Go for trial shoots


In some cases, you could ask the photographer to go for a trial shoot with you. This does not necessarily mean having to take photos of you in your gown or suit; you could even ask them to take photos of the venue in the best way they know how. This gives you a very good opportunity to assess their capabilities in terms of manipulating the different technical aspects of photography to come up with high quality photos. If they can shoot something drab and ordinary and make it look like a work of art, you can be sure that they will deliver when you get into a contract with them.


Pay attention to how they handle you


When consulting several photographers, you can also pay attention to how they deal with you, and then use this as a means of figuring out if they are good enough. A good photographer will want to find out details such as how you would ideally want the photos to look, as well as what to focus on. They should patiently listen to what your needs are, and then discuss them so that by the time you leave, both of you will be on the same page as far as photography is concerned.


If you get a photographer who does none of these, it would be wise to be a bit cautious with them. Being too eager to do the photography for you without coming to a solid understanding shows that they are likely to not be professionals. In addition to that, the fact that they don’t know what you want means that in the end, the photos they take could turn out to not be what you wanted.


Give yourself time to look for one


One of the mistakes that people make when trying to find an ideal photographer is to rush through the process. This is especially so if they keep pushing it till the last minute. When you do this, you might end up picking a photographer just because you have to. To avoid this, you should consider starting to look for one early on. This way, you can vet as many as you want, so that by the time you settle on one, you will be sure that they can deliver. This also gives you an opportunity to sample several of them so that you can get more value for money.


In summary, you should not take the quality of your wedding photographer for granted. Most people who make an effort to find one often end up finding it to be a very good decision. It means that your memories will be preserved in the best manner possible, which makes it even more worth it. The above are just some of the strategies you can use to ensure that this happens.

Important Tips on What You Need for a Perfect Wedding Ceremony

wedding planningA perfect wedding is not easy to execute. There are numerous details involved that many usually overlook, hoping that everything will turn out okay regardless of their input. The planning process is very stressful indeed. However, there are some great memories and rewards that come as part of the package.

No matter how challenging the task may seem, the results are clearly worth the efforts. With proper strategies in place and exceptional organizational skills, everything will definitely fall in place. Your willingness to follow the budget will also ensure success.


Setting a Budget, the Timeline and Keeping Records


•    Tips for Budgeting


Creating a realistic budget should be the first step. When still wondering what you need for a perfect wedding, start by reviewing your spending power. Despite the wedding being the happiest day of your lives, without properly managing finances, it can easily lead to your ruin. Never get into debt by organizing an extravagant wedding that you cannot afford.


After creating the budget, your goal should be never to go above the set amount. Whenever you end up spending extra amount on a certain item, you need to cut down on another item to recover. Being creative will save you lots of money. Never hesitate to improvise when the opportunity of doing so arises.


•    Setting the Timeline


The timeline is a significant phase indeed. The entire wedding will be dependent on this factor. The first thing that you’ll need to do is set a reasonable timeline. There are plenty of magazines and books that will help you in creating a sensible guideline. This will generally depend on the complexity or simplicity of your wedding but a 12-month time frame is usually the standard.


Always avoid panicking throughout the entire planning process. Even when time seems against you, as it always is, try to complete the tasks that don’t entail detailed planning as fast as you can. Then, allocate more time to the most important things which include: The engagement announcement, the pre-wedding and of course, the wedding itself.


Book the reception venue in ample time because most are usually fully booked throughout the year. You may need to book a year in advance.


•    How to Keep Records


Everything pertaining to the wedding needs to be kept on record. This is actually what you need for a perfect wedding, wishful thinking will not suffice. It’s always best to create categories so that you can be able to keep the records in an organized manner. You’ll have better access to all particulars easily when you do this.


There are numerous programs and apps readily available for planning weddings. If you’re tech-savvy, opt for this method since it’s less stressful and much more efficient. You can even use a notebook. These are great portable gadgets that you can carry even when on the road to easily remember what needs to be done.


Choosing the Venue and Setting the Date


•    Choosing the Venue


Before selecting the venue for the wedding, you’ll need to decide on the number of people on the guest list. Grand weddings that have hundreds or even thousands of people usually require bigger venues than smaller weddings. Once you’ve settled with a particular number, start searching for a venue that will adequately accommodate all guests.


Other services that the venue offers should also be considered. Some of them may offer to handle the catering service which is great because it will get a huge load off your shoulders. Make this decision 10 months before the wedding day to avoid any inconveniences.


•    Setting the Date


Always ensure that you select the most suitable date for family members, friends and honorable guests. Another determinant is the availability of the preferred venue. Try to be as reasonable as you can because this is what you need for a perfect wedding that you have been dreaming of.


Once you’ve settled on the date, you can proceed to send out the invitations. Ensure that everyone in the guest list has confirmed attendance. Design themed cards and write the invitations by hand. Also, address people using the correct titles. Sending the cards via their postal addresses is usually the best. You can always send reminders via email.


The final guest list needs to be ready 7 or 6 months before the wedding day. Expect some of the guests to cancel because of unavoidable circumstances. Flexibility will help you in adjusting to such unexpected turn of events without causing any major effect to the general mood.


Choosing the Wedding Theme


•    How to Select the Appropriate Theme


When choosing the theme, do not stress yourself too much. There are numerous themes to choose from. You can go for the church wedding, a garden wedding or even a traditional wedding. Regardless of what you’ll end up settling for, always ensure that consistency is maintained. This means that the venue, the clothes, decorations, food and all other accessories must complement the theme.


Adequate research will without a doubt help in customizing the wedding ceremony to suit your preferences. This is also what you need for a perfect wedding because when even one detail is out of place, everything else falls apart.


The wedding rings are symbolic and should be selected according to the theme. Coverage and music should always be left to a professional who should be grilled about the theme early enough. This way, the photographer will be on the lookout for important elements in the ceremony.


A Final Word


Always ensure that transportation to and from the venue is readily available. All vehicles that will be used need to be fueled and ready to go the day before the wedding. When it comes to receiving gifts, make sure that there is an appointed person who will be responsible for keeping them for you.


Don’t concentrate too much on the honeymoon. It’s prudent to take things one step at a time. Try to focus more on the ceremony and less on the honeymoon in the first few months of preparation. When the wedding is 2 or 3 months away, you and your partner can list down all possible honeymoon options.


Go for spas and massages to relax the body. When running around all the time during the preparation process, you may end up losing composure and making mistakes as a result.